Romanian Choral Scores

(Partituri corale româneşti)

by Catalin Francu

In my spare time, I typeset Romanian choral scores. We use this music at the Romanian church in Hayward, CA. I use Lilypond, an excellent and free musical notation software. Every score comes with separate MIDI files for each part, in case they help your rehearsals. You may copy, modify and redistribute all the scores I produce under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

I divided the music in these three categories:
  1. A Romanian Orthodox liturgy score
  2. Romanian Christmas carol scores - Includes a couple of English carol scores as well
  3. Romanian choral scores - Mostly folklore, some religious music
The source code of these scores is available as a Subversion repository at You can download a copy using the command:
      svn checkout
Copyright © 2007 Catalin Francu and Raluca Balaban.
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Copyright © 2007 Cătălin Frâncu şi Raluca Balaban.
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